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The scope of this application has been the design, deployment and integration of a software navigation system which will provide location based services with a personalized way proportionally the preferences and the interests of each user. The system combines the geographic position of user with the behavior, the energies and his profile so as to provide services of added value in the user.

The location based services are provided via web services and via Virtual Earth API. The use of web services constitutes alternative way in the growth of navigation systems. It will not be necessary have the applications stored the maps of regions that interest the user neither any other geographic information (points of interesting etc). Any information the application needs will be received by using web services. The determination of place of user becomes via connection with GPS Receiver.


Smart Earth uses:
Microsoft Virtual Earth API
Yahoo Traffic API
Flickr API
Geonames Web Services
Blogs Map
Global Weather Web Service

Smart Earth provides:
Route Summary
Turn-by-turn directions
Real Time Info
Navigation Options
Update profile
User POIs
User Routes
Search What and Where
Traffic Layer and Events
Flickr GeoPhotos search
GPX Viewer
GPS Tracking with Windows Mobile application
Tour Guide Routes (Personalized Routes)
Tour Guide News (Personalized News)

In the Future
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Chalvantzis Konstantinos

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